Saturday, July 12, 2008

What the hell manczxcz.
My free smses use up le.
So now i only can go online or call to talk to people.
Suck right?
Oh ya, Mr John Lim is my ah gong,
he say i admire him.
Crazy right?
Haha, but i said i only admire him as a ah gong.
Now i have 3 ah gongs.
Weird but a little nice:]
Okok, i'm too lazy to type any further.
If got anything, still can sms or call me, i'll call you back:]
See, i'm sooo nice,
haha, whatever mancxzxcz, i sound so BHB:D

5:42 AM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digiart teacher let us do whatever we want:D
He's sooooo nice la, i love this period:]
Hmm, but got nothing to blog about.
Stupid gao qiang, so noisy.
Keep playing noisy music, and it's not even nice.
Maybe i'll go online later and post more?
If i even have anything to post.
Well, guess i'll just look at people's blog:]
Oh ya!
I seriously loveee the rainbow i saw yesterday!!
Sooo nice la:D

8:09 PM

Well, today was boring:/
Except for the rainbow i saw in the morning.
It was damn damn nice.
First period is history,
we had a test and seriously, i think i might fail it.
We only had like 3minutes to do it.
And i bet it didn't even lasted that long.
Then, it was math class,
HAH! Mr goh didn't came,
everyone was like so happy.
We wanted to slack but the teacher gave us work,
and i actually learned something from Hye su and Han seol,
instead of Mr goh, and he's the math teacher:/
Then it was recess,
boring though, since Esther and Simin didn't come!
Later, Mr prathap was like nagging away about Respiration,
and i was damn tired.
Almost fell asleep, Hah:D
After his class, it was Mrs fu's turn to nag.
She taught us about light and colours.
Surprisingly, the mixing of the colours are not what i expected.
Then for a moment, Shien li asked me to look out,
and she got scolded by Mrs fu,
i continued looking, and Shien li asked me to turn around,
but i was too busy looking.
After which, i got scolded by Mrs fu too.
Hais, after school was exhausting, mom rushed me to get back home.
She's soo impatient.
Hmm, lazy to blog further:/
Guess i might blog something tomorrow, in Digiart class:]

6:10 AM

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

apparently, this conversation made me laugh.


➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
she's damn what la.

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
like she ask me whats my test result.

Hazel says:

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
then i tell her my test restults.

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
then i ask her

Hazel says:
Then? Continue please?

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
she's like

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
then i'm like whats your(neh neh neh NI PUPU) test restults then is like.

➜ [mel™] • `⁷ __LAOPO.(: says:
i cant be bothered about her already

Hazel says:

I don't know if this seems funny to you,
but it made me laugh:]

5:48 AM

Monday, July 7, 2008

Even though we have gone through so much,
in the end, we are still together!:D
Don't worry so much about what rubbish others say,
i promised you we will last long!
and i really really know we will:D
I love you forever my darling!

don't worry so much about things ok?
Just give everyone time, even yourself.
If not, move on to better things;D
No matter what,
call me if you need help ok?
Better not drift apart!
Love you lots dear

Super women!!
Changed our lovely names from,
twins to superman and super women!
What nice and funny names,
We will never drift ok?!
Now and forever also will not!
Love you tons!!

Though we are not that close,
we still talk to each other:D
Hope we will not drift but get closer!:]
Love you!

Lj laogong!
We are getting closer and closer right?

Hope we will never ever drift:D
Sorry if i didn't chat much with you online that day,
i was quite busy.
But i promise to chat more with you next time!:D
I love you!

Janice sie!!
We like drifted apart for quite a while right?
But nvm, now we are quite close again:D
Remember that i love you lots ok?!?

Hope these can cheer you guys up,
if cannot, then tell me,
i'll try to write more for YOU!
Love you all♥

Oh ya, to that dumbo dog, Kenneth,
Must you curse me?

Everything sucks, but i hope that i will forget it all in time.

4:00 AM

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hais, just went to Meris house.
_l_ing tired today:x
Don't know why.
But now better le:D
I feel that Meris' mom is getting more "concerned" in a way
that is like, err, i don't know how to say, naggy?
My parents also starting to get really irritating and _l_ed up la.
I don't mean to be vulgar,
but i'm just a little stressed up,
and all they can do is nag and scold me.

Oh god, this day can't get any better huh,
parents crazy + i've got a little cold.

5:34 AM

Friday, July 4, 2008

♥, do we look like a gang? Haha, a little right?
But in fact, we are not:D

7:20 AM

This is my blog.
No spamming or I'll kick your ass, trust me.
Other than that, enjoy reading :D

Sweet 12 [:
Newtown Secondary
Poofed into the world on 30th June
Rafflesian Newtowner
I go by the nickname of sotong,
I'm part of the Barneys and I'm loving it
I love laughing, screaming and shouting [:

Shien-Li, sweetest lesbo
Esther Tan, twin
Elaine Tan, sotong
Vivian Lee, cutie
Chuan Shen, brother
Glen, kor
Shawn, kor
Yong Da, kor
Meris Ng, dumb dumb
Friends :D

Bless all my friends [:
Get my third piercing
Get good results
Pass my Chinese
300608 to come faster [:
Have my birthday celebrated with my loved ones


Take off
♥ Adelene Chong, sun-nu
♥ Elaine Tan, sotong
♥ Esther Tan, twin
♥Jun Tai, lao gong
♥ Meris Ng, dumb dumb
♥ Shien-Li, sweetest lesbo
♥ Shu Jing, soninlaw
♥ Vivian, cutie

Charmaine Chin, P1 friend
Gao Qiang, siao
Janice Sie, pepsi
Jewel Wee, friend
Meldon Lim, ah gua
Yan Min

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